How much is sperm shipping?

Just like any other thing you ship, it really depends on where you want it shipped to. 

Generally speaking, it would cost between $300 and $500 to ship to just about anywhere in the contiguous United States. We ship from a facility in Stillwater Oklahoma and the further from there you are the more cost associated with shipping.

How is sperm shipped?

Semen transportSperm is shipped in special containers that maintain the temperature at an adequate level for transporting sperm.



Big Mack Bully Ranch LLC has sperm frozen at a local sperm bank and can have it shipped anywhere in the world that allows it.

What are cropped ears?

Crop Styles

Cropping is the removal of part or all of the pinnae or auricles, the externally visible flap of the ear and ear hole or bell, of a dog; it sometimes involves taping or posting to make the ears point upright.

This procedure should always be done under strict supervision, by a licensed Veterinarian.

What is a Pet Home?

What is a Pet Home? 1  What is a Pet Home?After all (male and female) 1st, 2nd, and 3rd picks have been made from a litter, all of the remaining puppies are “pet home”.



Pet home puppies are picked in the order of the deposits made for them.

What does Pick mean?

A pick is an order in which a litter is sold.

For instance:   


Say a litter of 10 puppies is born. There is an even split of 5 male puppies and 5 female puppies. When the puppies are ready to take home, the person who has reserved 1st pick female would have an opportunity to look at all of the female puppies and decide the exact one he/she wanted.

They would be able to do this without any other female dog having been “picked”.   The person who has reserved 2nd pick would then have an opportunity to look over the remaining 4 females and decide what one he/she wanted   “Picks” are only available up to 3rd pick for each sex.

What is Breeder Pick?

Big Mack Bully Ranch LLC Has a mission to breed the biggest and best American Bullies on the planet. In an effort to achieve this we need to keep our yard stocked with the best specimens available. Breeder pick is our best production from that breeding in our opinion. This pick is always done before any other pick is made and is not counted in the pick lineup for sale. Here is the pick lineup:

  1. Breeder Pick
  2. 1st pick Male/Female
  3. 2nd pick Male/Female
  4. 3rd pick Male/Female

Breeder pick is always first.