KB’s Katana of BMB (RETIRED)


Katana has been retired from the BMB program.

Katana is a big beautiful blue & white girl, with thick bone and a big head. She is athletic has drive. She is a granddaughter of Monstalines Monsta Kody and great-granddaughter of XB Lor’s Big Mack on the top side. On the bottom side she is a BCBP’s Blufassa granddaughter and a Mugleston’s Cami great-granddaughter.


  • Nickname Katana
  • Date of Birth Aug 13, 2017
  • Color Blue and White
  • Owners BMBRanch
  • Mother BCBP NAHLA
  • Father HBK’s BANKROLL
  • United Kennel Club B111,118
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Health & Screenings

  • KB’s Katana of BMB (RETIRED) 3  KB’s Katana of BMB (RETIRED)


  • KB’s Katana of BMB (RETIRED) 3  KB’s Katana of BMB (RETIRED)


  • KB’s Katana of BMB (RETIRED) 3  KB’s Katana of BMB (RETIRED)


Achievements & Titles

  • KB’s Katana of BMB (RETIRED) 6  KB’s Katana of BMB (RETIRED)



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